What’s the Grander Vision for your Life?

Hi. I’m Corinna 
Barrus. I’m so happy that you are here and have found me! I believe everything happens for a reason and that god and the universe are always conspiring for our good and bringing like minded souls together.

I believe that each of us is born with a higher purpose and that true success in life is uncovering that purpose and using our god given talents and strengths to serve humanity with this higher soul purpose.

I know I was searching for years to know what my soul purpose was and to see how my many interests, experiences, travels, relationships, education, abilities and talents could all be utilized into a grander vision and life path that was  about helping others and being part of something bigger than myself.  

When I found doTERRA and the mission of creating health and hope in every home, I felt my purpose coming into focus and my deep life long longing to give and serve others found it’s home in a tangible career with a community of like minded women and men who are heart centered, purpose driven world changers.  I felt myself come home to who I  really was, who I wanted to be as the right people, the right time, and right place to be able to co-create powerfully all came into being.

Now it is my pleasure, purpose and passion to help others find who they really are, find their voice, find their power and create a successful career and life full of purpose, the joy of giving back and true happiness that comes from being of service to others.

Meet Jill 
Jill came into my life 4 years ago and I was amazed at her humanitarian heart. As a midwife married to an African physician, she had started a foundation called Senegal Health. She and her husband Atab had done what they could on limited funds, but she had a dream of opening up a family resource clinic for the women and the community, a volunteer organization and education center so women could get good birth education, birth control and pregnancy and post partum care. We partnered together and thought building her own essential oil wellness business and getting sponsored by doTERRA not only has she been able to travel back and forth to Africa, is moving to Africa 10 months a year now as her residual income allows her to now live abroad, but we also sponsored her organization through doTERRA Healing Hands and were able to fundraise with doTERRA matching to raise over 80,000 to build the clinic, school and volunteer Housing.  

Meet Carla
When I met Carla she was passionate about wellness and essential oils and wanted to teach others. She began to teach and inspire many but working full time for over 20 years for the same company, she felt ready for a change, more time freedom to be with her family and share the gift of wellness. After a few years of working solidly part time that dream was realized and she was able to come home just in time for her first grand baby to be born. She is able now to run a thriving essential oil business and be there to care for her now two grand babies. I love how Carla has been able to create a life of her dreams and be there for her daughters and grand babies in such a huge way.