Abundance is less about having and more about being. Abundance is when your work is your play unified and connected in a way that uses your gifts, passions and talents to find true joy and serve others.

On all levels, it is about having time to focus on the things that matter: quality relationships, being engaged in a work that is inspiring and making a difference, and giving back to causes that you are passionate about. It is also about doing the things that light you up. For me, that is traveling around the world and sharing a piece of my heart with others and dancing!.

But I did not grow up feeling this way, in fact I grew up financially poor. There was always had a lot of stress about money in my family including incessant worry and fighting. I grew up feeing like there was not enough and one of early memories is of receiving free food from a church during a particularly hard time, living in what would be considered squalid conditions for a time when my father was unemployed and even having to beg for money in an airport once to get home (not kidding...) While I am grateful for some of my early hardships because they taught me how to be strong and survive I also came to a place where I  wanted to do more then survive. I    wanted to THRIVE, to have enough and MORE to share and to have a beautiful relationship with money and wealth.

It has taken me time to create this life and also the inner work to let go of negative beliefs and feelings of scarcity,  but I now love the abundance and wealth I have created of time and financial freedom as it has allowed me to amazing things like humanitarian work in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Africa, Nepal helping build schools, hospitals, working with orphans and raising funds to to support these causes like empowering girls with education, stopping sex trafficking, helping supply clean water systems, and so much more. Having abundance has allowed me to be generous beyond my wildest dream and truly live out my higher passions and purpose. And it's just the beginning! I feel so much hope, joy and faith when I  think about the future and what I will be abet create and participate in.  

As I was growing my business over the last 7 years, I focused a lot on creating abundance for my family and we have been blessed as a family to go on dream trips, send our children to private school when it was necessary, live in my favorite place in the United States the Monterey Bay and so much more, but now I am now focused on helping others to achieve this.

I want this for them. I want others to have the resources and the peace of mind to know that they too - have more than enough. I know what happens when beautiful soulful, visionary people with a heart to do good have financial and time abundance... And it is beautiful, soul storing and what I am all about creating and supporting others to create. The worlds needs us right now more then ever, and we need to give from a full cup that is running over... together we can change the world.

Meet Joy
When I met Joy she was stressed out running a  natural wellness clinic in SF but barely paying the bills to support herself and daughter as as single mom.  When the doctor sold the practice and gave Joy two weeks notice she knew she needed to find something else and fast. She was already super knowledgeable about the essential oils and have been doing supplementation, detox and dietary coaching for years so she jumped right in and in 6 months replaced the former full time income.. Within a year she had doubled, then tripled this income and now she is blessed to have a massive team all over the world, travel, have time with her daughter and have a huge impact on the lives of so many.

Meet Karen
When I met Karen I was so impressed as she was traveling across the globe teaching BodyTalk, writing and performing music, teaching Chi Gong and living one of the healthiest lifestyles I had seen and teaching others to do the same. Once she saw the power and beauty of these oils and how they helped her clients and students, she became passionate about sharing them with as many people and built a successful business based on empowering people with greater wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because of the time and financial freedom she has created, she has been able to recently fulfill a lifetime dream of writing, producing, recording and sharing her music with a large audience all over the world. She is a true renaissance woman and is helping inspire thousands of people to wake up to their beauty and light through her music and healing work and mentoring others to do the same.