Have you ever had an experience that completely changed the course of your life and in a moment it's as if everything important, crucial and of real value became crystal clear, and all else seemed to fade away?

In that moment everything changed and set you on a new course, although it felt like and old course because really it was more of a coming home to what is true and what has always been true. I had an experience like this 9 years ago when my father passed away from lung cancer, he was 61 and my children were 3 and 6, so it wasn't just me loosing my dad, but my children losing their grandfather and the the chance to grow up knowing him and loving him like I did.  

It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced and I felt helpless watching it happen..The thing is my father was a 3 packs of cigarettes a day kind of smoker, so to some degree I saw it coming...saw it my whole life and had tried from an early age to save him,( but that's another story and one of the reasons I    have always been a health nut and sought out heathy lifestyle even as a teenager before it was "cool" like it is now.)  

Loosing my father so young to cancer was that moment for me...when it felt like I had lost my world and the pain was so deep...but then the questions of how can I live life fully as I know my dad would have wanted, how can I make sure that my family and I can live as long and as happy and as healthy as possible hit me. I had always been healthy, a massage therapist, but in that moment my commitment to not only my health but to helping others have greater health grew in me exponentially.  Time also came into focus for me and I  realized how quickly time goes by, how quickly a loved one can be taken and that I  did not want to waste anymore of my life not living fully in passion, purpose and in my divine service of giving back.  

When my father passed I went through a dark night of the soul and was depressed, anxious and felt hopeless so this "instant" was probably more like a year or two of deep soul searching.  One of the things that brought me back to life, to health and to feeling hopeful again were these amazing essential oils, these little brown bottle of life, and vitality, peace and possibility. They were gifted to me from a friend, to whom I  will be forever grateful and they were a life raft to me in those darker days.  There were specific ones that to this day I still use daily and treasure and in those days were like a life raft...keeping me from going under emotionally and helping me to float and flow through life.  

As I got stronger and healthier the clarity of my purpose and passion to help people physically and emotionally to have better health, to heal emotionally and to live more fully aligned with their passion and purpose grew.  I know from my own life and from loosing my dad the value of health and what happens when it's gone, and it my mission and privilege is to share health, hope and healing with men, women, families and wellness professionals around the world.

The time for greater health and wellness is now and there has never been a better time to be empowered to take care of our health.  When we have true heath and vitality we are equipped to live our higher purpose and have the ability to serve and love others to a greater capacity It is my absolute honor and privilege to be a teacher, leader, visionary, friend, entrepreneur, tribe  maker and lighter bearer in this movement to bring more health, hope and healing around the world.

Meet Jennifer
When Jen came to our team she was suffering post partum mood issues so bad it was recommended she go into a  clinical setting, but she was committed to not leaving her nursing baby and passionately sought out natural options. She began to dive into the essential oils, supplements, stress reduction, mediation and good diet and has been able to fully turn this around and become not only a healthy woman, but a mom who cares for her 3 children all naturally while running a super successful global essential wellness business all over the US and abroad. She is a powerful and inspiring teacher and leader and his helping women all over the world show up to be there best selves.

Meet Suzanne
It was a gift the day Corinna came into my life!  She was a bright light of love introducing and sharing doTERRA Essential Oils with me. I was open to finding a more natural approach dealing with my own health issues. Suffering from two autoimmune diseases it was frustrating, painful and was causing life-altering symptoms. Learning about the  possibilities she was teaching me and the powerful benefits of essential oils was a Happy and Thankful day!

doTERRA awaken my achy body, improved my emotional state, and strengthen my overall health and well being. I was open and had faith that day and today 4 years later, I get to share and help others learn about doTERRA, just like Corinna did for me. I am thankful everyday for Corinna and doTERRA!