Hi, I’m Corinna Barrus and I am thrilled you are here and have found me! First of all let me welcome you and say a big virtual hello! If you were here with me in person I would give you a big hug, a hot cup of coffee or tea, lots of essential oils to smell enjoy and we would talk and laugh and dive into sharing this incredible world of wellness with you. I  truly believe that god and the universe are always conspiring for our good and bringing us like minded souls together at the right time.  As way of introduction let me share a little about who I am, the greater mission I am a part of and the beautiful community of souls who are on this journey with me. And know that I  am extending my hand and heart to you  by way of invitation to join us on this wellness journey and into the incredible community and tribe I am grateful to lead. 



I believe that each of us is born with a higher purpose and that true success in life is uncovering that purpose and using our god given talents and strengths to serve humanity with this higher soul purpose.  

I know I was searching for years to know what my soul purpose was and to see how my many interests, experiences, travels, relationships, education, abilities and talents could all be utilized into a grander vision and life path that was  about helping others and being part of something bigger than myself. 




Have you ever had an experience that completely changed the course of your life and in a moment - it's as if everything important, crucial and of real value became crystal clear, and all else seemed to fade away?

In that moment everything changed and set you on a new course, although it felt like and old course because really it was more of a coming home to what is true and what has always been true.


Abundance is less about having and more about being. Abundance is when your work is your play unified and connected in a way that uses your gifts, passions and talents to find true joy and serve others.. On all levels, it is about having time to focus on the things that matter: quality relationships, being engaged in a work that is inspiring and making a difference, and giving back to causes that you are passionate about. It is also about doing the things that light you up. For me, that is traveling around the world and sharing a piece of my heart with others and dancing!